Annyeon haseyo~^^

Korean BBQ is very popular among foreigners.

Maekjeok is one of Korean BBQ. We marinate pork slices in Korean miso called Doenjang base sauce and grill them.

Originally it is char-grilled but at home we can use frying pan to cook:)


Last night I used pork collar slices from Fairprice. It was thin slices and easy for Sophie(5 year old) to eat:)
Generally thicker pork slices are used. (about 1cm thickness)



Base is Doenjang(miso paste) and mixed with garlic, chives and leeks. Rice wine, soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil and a few more ingredients are added.


This Maekjeok is non-spicy dish and it can be enjoyed from young one to elderly.


It is served with fresh chive salad but last night was with Butterhead salad and Perilla leaves.



I actually eat pork with chili! 



Pork with lots of vegetables such as spinachi namul, bitter gourd namul, carrot and Tofu namul, cabbage kimchi and choy sim kimchi, quail eggs, pumpkin congee, rice and soup.

Very delicious dinner at home:)

with love,