Annyeong haseyo~^^

Since my daughter is on school holiday I give her more opportunities to cook with me:)

Today she made cucumber kimchi!


Fresh cucumber kimchi making by Sophie

 She cut cucumbers, salted them and marinated them.



 This fresh cucumber kimchi is Sophie’s favorite!!!

Cucumber is good for body especially in summer.
It removes extra heats from your body:) There are of course more health benefits such as antioxidant, fighting inflammation, refreshing your breath and managing your stress, etc.


Chilies are excellent source of Vitamin, A, B, C and E with minerals. Chili contains seven times more vitamin C than orange! 

So this fresh cucumber kimchi has lots of health benefits!!! 

I will arrange this fresh cucumber kimchi workshop again next year:)

If you have a time, please come and join me!!!

with love,