Annnyeong haseyo~!

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter Holiday!!!

I had relaxing days with my daughter and husband at home:) 

So I cooked a lot as usual and would like to introduce one dish here.

Have you heard of Kalguksu?

This is a Korean Noodle dish mostly consumed in summer.

Kal means Knife in Korean and Guksu means noodle. So literally means that noodle cut by knife!

Popular broth for Kalguksu is made with dried anchovies and kelp. But this time I made Chicken broth which has richer flavor:)








My daughter and husband loves this noodle?

This time when I made noodle, I used this wheat flour.




You can use normal multi purpose flour too.


If I have a chance, I would like to introduce this recipe in my class.

BTW, this one goes well with Korean Japanese Sake as well as Korea Soju?


Japanese Sake





?? xoxo