Annyeong haseyo~^^

My daughter loves Beef Kalbi and she requested kalbi tonight. Yesterday was lots of sashimi at her friend’s house. She feels meat tonight:)

When we eat meats, we eat more vegetables than meats.

We cannot eat meats without vegetable dishes!






Tomato salad, cabbage wrap, Choy sim salad, kimchi and Korean squash soup. 

And Tofu side dish and black rice.

Very delicious and healthy.




This is a very popular way to eat meats for Koreans.

Ssam literally means “wrapped“. We use leafy vegetables to wrap meats and eat.
Ssamjang (sauce for Ssam) can be added. Or garlic, chili, kimchi or other side dishes can be added too:)

Very delicious way to enjoy meats! 



with love,