Good morning~!!! Annyeong haseyo~^^

I am soooo happy coz it’s FRIDAY!!! Hooooooray!!!

All my family, Sophie, Anthony and I feel relaxed more. Our auntie too:)

My daughter has been a good girl since she was born and she has not been very grumpy since then. 

This is a second week of primary school life, now, she can wake up by herself before 6 am and eats breakfast well. While she is waiting for a school buy which comes up at 6:30am, she is dancing and singing. I love her positive & bright character:)

Can’t stop laughing!!! 


She started primary school and also a few enrichment classes. Her Monday to Friday are all occupied. 

Yesterday was her first English enrichment class, the class is 1 hour and 45 minutes.
When she finished her first lesson, she told me “Omma, it’s fun! I learnt a few new vocabularies! and made new friends:)”


And I asked her “Any difference difference between school and this enrichment class?”

Sophie said, “School gives us demerit but this enrichment school gives us rewards. Motivate us:)”


Oh! Interesting view points!!!


But she also likes her school very much!!! 

I feel both school and enrichment school are important and necessary to Sophie.
Both have pros and cons. 
Hope she will take advantages from both:))) and Have fun!!! <- this is actually very important!!! 

Today is another enrichment class!!! 

Let’s enjoy!!!

Have a lovely day~^^



Best regards,