Annyeong haseyo~^^

How’s your weekend? 

I picked up my daughter from Singapore Aquarium this morning. She went on a graduation camp with her school friends and teacher. She had her very first time sleepover!!!

When I picked up her this morning, she told me she wants to eat my food at home!
I suggested go have a nice lunch outside. But she really prefers mine:)

Omma, I missed your food. Coz you are very good at cooking!

You made my day!!!



Eating Kimchi!!!



She ate really well:)

“Omma, now I feel better:)” Cool!!! Omma is happy to hear that!!!

She and her friends did well!!! Good job!!!


After lunch, my daughter gave me one card. 




Very sweet!!!!!! 




I am so glad to see her growing.

Omma will support you as much as possible!!!

with love,