Today is the last day in September! Time flies!!!

Hope everyone has a lovely Monday and the last day of September:)

BTW, do you like kimchi?
My Fresh napa cabbage kimchi is loved by many many students and their families & friends.

Fresh napa cabbage kimchi


Also, other kimchis are also loved by many people too!


Cubed radish kimchi


Cubed radish kimchi


Komatsuna kimchi


Komatsuna kimchi



Celery kimchi


celery kicmchi


Perilla leaves kimchi with miso sauce


Water radish kimchi



I always make kimchis for my family. 

Especiallly Sophie loves Omma’s kimchi!!!

Kimchi is rich in nutrition and delicious dish which goes well with many other dishes.


Homemade kimchi is far better than something in stores.


More delicious, healthier and safer. 

That would be your original special taste:)

Would you like to learn Heryong’s kimchis?

My recipe is very simple but delicious. Come to my kitchen if you are interested!!!

With love,