Annyeong haseyo~^^

I am in Seoul, Korea now:) The day I landed was heavily raining and terrible. Actually heavy rain warnings were issued!
Traffic was really bad and it took 2.5 hours from Incheon International airport to the hotel!

However, I met my ex-colleges on Friday night and met my cousin last night.
It was so much fun!!! Who cares about heavy rain! 

Went to Makgeolli bar “Nuruk Namu (?? ??) in Insadong. We tried No.1 and 2 in their ranking:)


Seafood pancake! People have this with Makgeolli:)




Also, found a nice cozy open bar and had two flavors of Soju with snacks.





I lived here about 13 years ago for a while. Many things changed but still authentic and nice area to stay. I like Insadong(???).

Or I stay in Gangnam(??). On my previous trip to Seoul I stayed in Gangnam and I really like that area.There are lots of fancy restaurants, shops and galleries. Very Cool!

People were playing music and dancing on the street. Nice Korean drinks, food and friends.
My first two nights in Seoul were super lovely!!!

Thank for my friends to share their time with me:)))





with Love,