Annyeong haseyo~^^

I was very busy to celebrate my daughter Sophie’s 8th birthday with my mother recently!

We cooked together, dined out together and played all together for 4 days!

It was our precious special moments. 

Sophie has been growing happily and she is very healthy as she eats everything Omma cooks!!!

She eats well, play well, sleep well and study well. 

Omma is very happy to see her smiles everyday. Thank you Sophie!!!

I love you so much!!! 


And we deeply appreciate my mom to come to Singapore to celebrate Sophie’s birthday together even though she is very busy with her cooking classes in Tokyo.
Thank you Omma!!! You made our days very very special!!! 













 Now my mom left Singapore and we feel so sad….

But need to smile and live happily!!!

Can’t wait to see her next time!!!



with love,