Anneyong haseyo~^^

How’s your weekend?
I had a great time with my family and friend:)

My husband had his birthday last Saturday and we had a lovely dinner at home.
He is always away and can stay with us only on weekends. So he really prefers meals at home.

His request was “steak with wine“. Not Korean dishes:)




We bought a bit higher grade beef for his birthday:) Grilling is his role!

I made an appetizer with his favorite scallops:) Dressing is Heryong’s special dressing:)



our favorite rocket salad




Darling’s birthday dinner at home is very simple:) But very delicious. 

 And of course, we had wine with dishes:)

He picked Australian wine. I wish I could try PENFOLDS GRANGE in special vintage someday!!!



We are actually not sweet lovers. But since it’s his birthday, we bought two pieces of cakes from Takashimaya in Singapore. 

Make a wish!


And of course, there was a sweet moment at the end of birthday dinner:)
Sweet sweet kisses from his lovely daughter!


Happy birthday darling!

And happy Father’s day!

*BTW, we celebrated Father’s day at my daughter’s BFF’s house:) We enjoyed Japanese style dinner “Temaki sushi” (each person make own sushi wrap with sashimi, veges and rice). 
It was a lovely dinner!!!


with love,