?? ?????~!!! Good morning!!!

Last night I brought my daughter to bed at 7:10 pm and she fell asleep at around 7:30 pm.

She had an enough sleep and woke up by herself at 5:15 am this morning!!! Very early!!!

A good girl!!!

She’s supposed to buy something from school canteen today (she wanted!) but she suddenly changed her mind!!! Oh no!!!

“Omma, we still have ghoza from last night. Can you pack gyoza with vegetables for me? I would like to bring your food instead of canteen.”

So I quickly boiled broccoli and made egg roll. 



lunch box


She asked me to pack, gyoza, vegetables and eggs. She told me gyoza wrappers are very thick and make me full. So no rice please.


Ok~ Ok~


Hope it’s enough for her!!!

with love,