How’s your weekend:)?

I am very busy busy as usual and tomorrow is Senior Academy class @ Fengshan CC:)
Can’t wait!

As you may know though my blog, my daughter was sick for a week and she completely lost her appetite.


But! Finally it’s back!!!
She requested GYOZA which is her favorite:)

She made it with me:) She made candies shapes….! I respect her creativity!




Making Gyoza wrappers is not that difficult if you get used to it:)
Very quick. Very simple. But very delicious!!!




You see funny shapes right:)?




Because of difference of sizes, I need to cook separately.




Main tonight was GYOZA! with vegetables and kimchis!




My daughter finished 10 Gyozas!!! Amazing!

Her appetite is back:)

Eat well grow well!

nite nite!

with love,