Good evening:) How’s your day?

The weather is a bit strange and it makes people unwell… many of my friends get sick. Take care everyone!!!

So I made Samgye-tang(Ginseng Chicken soup) for my family and myself too!!!

Need to boost our energy!!!

Koreans believe that the foods work as same as medicine in our bodies. So always we care about what we eat and try to fix our issues through foods.

As you may know, Korean dishes contains lots of Korean (Chinese) herbs. Ginseng chicken is one of them. Very healthy and help you to boost/recover from any fatigue and improve your body condition especially in hot hot summer day!








If you would like to learn this soup, please contact me!!!


A fee is $180 per person for Samgye-tang soup. You will master this dish withing a lesson!!!

Have a lovely dream!



with love,