Annyeong haseyo~^^

How’s your weekend? We are quite busy as usual! Weekend is more tiring somehow!

I often make many kinds of kimchi and today I made “fresh Napa cabbage kimchi” which my husband likes.


Fresh napa cabbage kimchi


This kimchi is called “Baechu Geotjeori“. (?????)

Compared to kimchi made in the traditional way, this kimchi is easy to make.

Less steps and less time.


However, it doesn’t mean not delicious as traditional one. It is very delicious!!!

My husband and daughter actually prefer this type of kimchi:)


My daughter came to my kitchen and she licked kimchi sauce in a bowl. She loves it!!!




She wants to clean up a bowl:)




Very very delicious!!!


She is Australian but she has a Korean blood in her. Eating habit is defenitely Korean!!!

Best regards,