Good evening everyone. 
I am so sorry I could not say anything here for a while. And I am so sorry for whom signed up for my classes… 
After visiting families in Hong Kong during Chinese New Year, my whole family got terribly sick.
Especially my daughter and I had flu and high fever, body aches, stomachache, vomiting… etc, killed us…

However, we feel we got over the hump finally…

During this period, I cooked Samgetang, Chinese herbal soup, teas a lot.
Recently my body cannot take western medicine that much and prefers more natural treatments.

Even we could not eat, I cooked something good for us such as soup. 
To avoid dehydrating from high fever.


It takes a time for us to recover ( about 4 days…) but now we feel we are getting better!

Today, I made Con gee with prawn and spring onion upon Sophie’s request:)




Her smile is back!!!


And also, Pyonsu (Korean boiled dumping) was on our table tonight. This is cold dumping and easy to eat during summer season.






Finally we could taste the food. For a few days we forced us to eat to recover…

We now more appreciate our health and appetite!!!!!!!!