Spring is come.

I feel Spring by eating Spring vegetables:)

In Korea there are four seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Spring lasts from late March to early May. 

People enjoy beautiful flowers blooming as well as fresh vegetables. 



Here in Singapore, I always buy vegetables through Korean import agent. Vegetables are shipped by air.


Recently, I could manage to buy two tyeps of spring vegetables.

??? ??” (Eolgalyi Cabbage) (Chinese Young Cabbage)”


??? ?? ??


I made Kimchi!  Very refreshing!!!

Last Friday I put this kimchi in Korean Cold Noodle!!! Sooooo yum!!! 



Another gevetable is “????“(Chwinamul)(Seasoned aster)”




I made Namul using Gochujang(???, Korean red chili pepper paste) and vinegar. Feel Spring!!! 




Seasonal vegetables generally has authentic and unique flavor.I love the unique flavors a lot!!!
(My husband doesn’t appreciate tho…!)

How do you feel Spring:)?