Have you every tried Ssam (wrapping) when you eat meats at Korean restaurants?


Ssam literally means “to wrap”. We usually use leafy vegetables to wrap meats such as beef or pork. 

My family LOVES this Ssam dishes. 

And when we wrap meats we add kimchi, salted shrimps, garlic, chili or ssamjang ?? (special sauce for wrap).


Main ingredients are gochujang and doenjang. Depends on family or region, ingredients vary.




I boiled cabbages and we wrapped Shabushabued pork with ssamjang or kimchi.

Very very delicious!!!





Koreans eat lots of vegetables with meats.


We have abundant food culture with various vegetable dishes:)

Not only Korean BBQ!!!



I would like to introduce more home-cooking dishes which Korean usually eat here in Singapore as much as possible:)



with love,