How/s your Sunday?
We did not go out anywhere and stayed at home. Well, we prefer to stay at home generally and nothing special.
Especially on a weekend, we try not to go out as we are not comfortable with the crowd.

Dinner tonight, Omma did not cook rice. we heated up cooked rice last night + something that we have. + grilled fish.

dinner on 9th February 2020 with Sophie

Omma grilled cucumber chili and it was so delicious!!! A bit spicy but delicious! rich in vitamins!!!

I heard so many stories that children hate vegetables or they are very picky.
Many cases are
1. Parents are busy and they do not have meals together.
2. Parents have no interest in foods.
3. Parents are picky!

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
What children see and follow is what parents do mainly.

Having mealtime together sharing stories are very important mentally and physically.

I am not a specialist in raising kids but I know the tips and methods.
Do you want to hear it?
It’s actually very simple but I feel many parents lost their ways…

Anyway, have healthy meals and rest well at the moment.
Be strong! Mentally and physically!
Avoid the crowd as much as possible!

with love,