Annyeong haseyo~^^

It’s Wednesday~! A few more days to weekend!!! Yay!!!

BTW, have you decided your dinner menu tonight?

I always ask my daughter and husband (If he is in Singapore) what they want to eat when we have a breakfast.

My daughter Sophie told me “GYOZA!!!” and “Osashimi“……

Oh… I see…

Sometimes she gave me a bit tough answers! Well, not tough just takes a bit more efforts:)


So I am kneading dough for wrappers. I wish I had a kneading machine!!!




While I am letting the dough stand for a while, I made stuffing.

Also, I am making chicken stock with chicken bones and some vegetables. 

Actually last night after a dinner, Sophie showed me her drawing.




She drew Sushi, Tempura and mochi:)

Seems like she wants to eat them!!!

Omma went to Isetan to buy sashimi & ikura for her and preparing Gyoza too!!!

Cannot wait for her smiles:)))



Have a lovely afternoon~

with love,