Tomorrow is Friday! Time flies.
Hope everyone is healthy and safe.

When we face some disease, a level of your immune system makes it different.
How can we make our immune system stronger?

A healthy diet and regular exercise.

A complete healthy diet can’t make you really healthy and strong.
On the other hand, a complete exercise can’t make you healthy and strong.
We need both of them.
Because they are interrelated.

I do yoga and swimming as my regular exercise to keep my body healthy and eat healthy meals at home.
All these are necessary to maintain my health.
My husband does training too.
My daughter has her parents always do workout and she follows us to do.
We don’t need to say anything to her.
If parents show good models, naturally children follow. This is my way to raise my daughter:)
I can share this topic in another blog. I have lots of stories to share:)
Especially, Sophie eats everything! There is actually a trick to make kids eat well.

I will start yoga private lesson combining healthy dietary advice soon.
If you are interested, please let me know.
I am happy to share all my ways to keep fit, mentally happy and physically healthy.

Oh! go back to today’s topic! Dakhanmari!
This menu is actually very simple but somehow amazingly delicious!!!


You may enjoy chicken with special sauces.

If you make it at home, you can use safe & good quality ingredients and you can adjust your taste.
Sophie and my husband said “Omma’s Chanmari is the best!!! No comparison to any restaurants in Korea!”
Of course! I use safe and good quality ingredients with my love!!!
Omma’s taste. Homecooking.

Having a meal is a very important bonding moment.

Would you like to add my Korean recipes to your menu?

It might be lovely!!!

Come to my private cooking lesson!

with love,