Our dinner tonight was Dak galbi which is a very popular dish for Koreans. 

Not just spicy but also very tasty!

Generally made by marinated chicken and vegetables such as cabbages, carrots, chives, sweet potatoes, red capsicums, onions, oyster mushrooms, etc.


I personally like put a lots of cabbages, chives and mushrooms:) Sometimes I add sweet peas as well. This Dak galbi steels rice!!! My husband and daughter had big two bowls of rice tonight!




FYI, this dish goes well with rice or Korean alcohol called “Makgeoli”. This drink is made from rice generally and taste a bit sweet and mild. So goes with a spicy dish.

But tonight we had this dish with beer:) still yum!


For Dak galbi the key is a sauce! Would you like to learn this sauce from me?
Will show you how to make this Dak kalbi in my class!

BTW, Can’t stop eating!!!  ? ?????!