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Popular Dishes

Fresh Napa Cabbage Kimchi

This kimchi is one of the most popular menus in Heryong’s kitchen. It is very refreshing and goes well with many dishes. And it is easy to make it! Once you’ve learned this kimchi, you never need to buy kimchi from the shops!


This dish is always enjoyed on special occasions. Stir-fried vegetables and meats or seafood with sweet potato noodles. This dish is a non-spicy, colorful, healthy and delicious dish enjoyed by all generations.

Samgye-tang (Ginseng Chicken Soup)

This soup is energy-boosting soup made by simmering young chicken with ginseng, jujube, garlic, and glutinous rice. Very healthy and delicious authentic Korean soup.


Korean sushi roll. Seasoned cooked rice with vegetables and meats are rolled together, and it spreads great harmony and flavor in your mouth. It is a great dish to share and easily grab into your mouth.

Bibimbap (Assorted Vegetables and Meat)

Korean mixed rice. Various seasoned vegetables and meats are served in one bowl. Mixed them well before eating, then you can enjoy the great harmony.

Yukgaejang with Udon (Spicy Beef Soup)

Spicy beef and vegetable soup. Like samgyetang(ginseng chicken soup), this soup is enjoyed especially during the summer seasons to revitalize our body and helps us recover from the sweltering heat’s fatigue. Great dish for the Singapore weather!

Gungjung-tteokbokki(Royal Tteokbokki)

One of the Korean royal cuisine. Non-spicy dish. Stir-fried vegetable, meat, and rice cakes. Itis always served on special occasions such as weddings, birthdays or gatherings.

Cheese Dakgalbi

Stir-fried chickens and vegetables with spicy-sweet sauce. The Sizzling sound can stimulate our appetite! Better served with melting cheese,and it enhances the taste of dakgalbi. Spiciness and cheese make great harmony!

Korean Deep Fried Chicken

Very popular dish! Deep-fried chickens coated with spicy and sweet special sauce! Simple but amazingly delicious dish! It especially goes well with beer or coke!

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Hear from some of my students about their experience learning and cooking with me

I love attending cooking lessons with Heryong! I have been in her kitchen 6 times now. Her lessons are very well explained, and I always have plenty to bring home to share with my family. She shares not only her recipes with you but also the intricacies of Korean food and culture. Would highly recommend anyone who is serious about learning how to cook Korean food. You will not be disappointed!


Amanda Teo

My first class with Chef Heryong was in October 2018 and the main dish I learned was Bibimbap. It tasted so good that immediately after the class, I went to buy the dolsot (stone pot) and ingredients so I can try the recipe the very weekend. Since then, I have made it countless time.

I have been to many of Chef Heryong’s classes now and have learnt so much. Every dish taught by her tasted spectacular. Her classes are easy to follow and her recipes are easy to replicate at home. Best of all, she always made the learning fun and relaxing and is generous in sharing her skills, knowledge, as well as helpful tips while cooking.

I would definitely recommend Chef Heryong’s class to anyone who enjoys cooking and eating ?

Daphne Tay

Heryong’s recipes are absolutely delicious! With simple ingredients and no complicated procedures, she teaches us one by one. She makes us possible to cook various Korean cuisine at home which my family deeply loves!

Yuko Mimura