Anneyong haseyo~^^

How many inquiries about cabbage kimchi since I have started cooking class this January….

To be honest, making Napa cabagge kimchi is NOT EASY and TAKES LOTS OF EFFORTS and TIME! and of course, it requires experiences and skills. 
If you are brave enough to bring a sleeping bag with you to make kimchi with me, I may consider! 

Anyway, it is not easy as many people think. That’s why young generations in Korea cannot make kimchi or no motivation or time to make kimchi by themselves. 

However, I know many people in Singapore are interested in exploring to make kimchi.

So I am trying to find the way for everyone to make own delicious kimchi within two hours of class duration.




Once I am ready, I will arrange a Kimchi making class for you.

stay tuned:)

with love,