Annyeong haseyo~^^ 

It’s raining and very windy in Singapore this morning. I woke up earlier as it was very noisy outside!

What’s your breakfast today? Do you usually eat breakfast?

I always eat breakfast otherwise I cannot start a day!


Today was brown rice with egg, kimchi and soup:) Very delicious!
Our breakfast time is at 6:50am as my daughter needs to catch a school bus early.

breakfast today

 When she starts eating usually she is still sleepy and slow.

But once she has started eating, she is getting brighter:)



BTW, this morning I opened a radish kimchi which I made a week ago.
It became very delicious!!!!! Difficult to stop eating!


My radish kimchi


It’s not really sour yet. But sometimes I prefer a mild, sweet and crunchy taste!


Sophie loves is too!!!

Hope everyone has a great start too!!!

Have a lovely day!

with love,