Can’t believe coming Saturday is Chinese New Year!!!
In Korea, we celebrate Lunar new year with families and relatives having lots of delicious new year dishes!

Every year we visit families in Hong Kong but this year we will stay in Singapore as the situation in Hong Kong is not really good.

BTW, Sophie and Omma feel unwell these two days.
Omma feels very tired, sleepy and has some migraine and nausea.
Sophie has a sore throat, coughs, and runny nose.

So last night Omma made an abalone porridge (Jeonbokjuk) to boost our immune system.
Also, we had marinated garlic (2 years old!) and fermented kimchi and kalbi. Very delicious!!!
We always try to recover from illness with food first.

Food is the same as medicine

Eating healthy is the most important!
abalone porridge by Heryong Kwon
Abalone porridge by Heryong Kwon

Abalone is rich in protein, offers Omega-3. And it is an excellent sauce of selenium which is an essential mineral that helps to enhance our immune system.

Eating healthy + regular exercise + good quality sleep makes us happy.

Korean dishes are very healthy and delicious.
I will teach you them if you are interested in!

See you in April!!!

Please take good care and prepare for Chinese New Year coming soon!!!

Have a lovely day!

with love,