Annyeong haseyo~^^

It’s Thursday!!! A weekend is just around the corner!!! Hooray!!!

This weekend we will have a friend family from Japan and have a dinner together!!! Can’t wait to see them!

Our dinner last night was Sophie’s favorite dish “Pork with kimchi“.

Also she wraps bork & kimch with cabbage:) It’s amazingly delicious!!! 







My daughter loves wrapping! It is called “Saam(?)” in Korean which means “wrapped“. This wrapping is one of our popular way to enjoy meats:)




She wrapped meats for Omma:) Very sweet!!! and Delicious!!!

“??~ ??? ???~!” (Omma, enjoy this wrapping~!)




Well, I would like to arrange kimchi class this year!!! 

Would you like to learn how to make my delicious fresh napa cabbage kimchi:)?

with love,