Anneyong haseyo~^^

We ate too much again! But feel light!
You know why?
Coz our dinner was Bibimpap!

There were 10 kinds of namuls, meats, seefood and egg to make Bibimpap tonight.

My daughter requested bibimpap for tonight. Well, I always listen to her request.




You can make your own bibimpap:)


My daughter Sophie is good at arranging namuls:)




 Once you’ve done, you mix!!!




Our way to eat Bibimpap is that we can add each vegetables during we eat:)
So I put all namuls on table to add.

It is fun and very delicious!

Rice tonight was black rice mixed. Black rice is very healthy. Black rice is nutritionally superior to brown or white rice. It contains marginally fewer calories, fewer carbs and more protein:)

Lots of vegetables and black rice!

We ate well as usual:)

Do you want to learn how to make Heryong’s homemade bibimpap:)?

with love,