Annyeong haseyo~^^

Last Saturday was my birthday!!! One more year I have been matured now:) hehe!

I welcomed my another year with my delicious napa cabbage kimchi this morning!!!

Kimchi was marinated yesterday afternoon and left in a room temperature over night.
Through this fermentation process, kimchi produces super delicious juice and it’s getting sour!!!
Mouth-watering flavor!!!



Kimchi has great health benefits.


Through this fermentation process Kimchi has lots of lactobacillus bacteria. It works great in our health.

Kimchi has an great assortment of powerful antioxidants and provides benefits of probiotics.


Yes! Kimchi is one of probiotics!!! My family always eat kimchi and we do not buy products of probiotics:)


Compared to Japanese pickles or Chinese pickles, Kimchi is low in salt. However, lots of Chili pepper has been used it become very tasty.
This chili pepper powder has another health benefits. It has capsaicin and it boosts the metabolism! 


Having said that, kimchi is great food for us!!!


Let’s eat Kimchi regularly!


And I will do a  kimchi making class latere!!! So please join me if you are interested in!!! 






with love,