Annyeong haseyo^^

I ate a lot tonight again!!! But tonight was Bibimpap which we can have lots of vegetables in one bowl!

In addition, I cooked mixed grain rice which is healthier & low calorie content  than white rice.

I am a person who care of health and beauty! I think majority of ladies are same as me.

But I love eating!

So somehow I need to keep a good balance. Right:)?

I am going to talk about the way how I am trying to keep fit and how I am eating generally.

Of course my main diet is Korean dishes.

And I do exercise regularly. Especially next day I ate or drunk a lot!!! 
Today I run 3km  + sit-ups +stretching.


keep fit!


Like tonight, I eat lots of vegetables.

I eat carbo in the morning or lunch but  at dinner I will reduce portion. On the other hand I eat more vegetables and proteins.
I think the order to eat is important as well.  Eat vegetables first.

And eat KIMCHI!

Kimchi has lots of vitamins and improve your inner and outer beauty!!! 

I eat Kimchi every single day! I think it may be one reason I do not get really fat even I eat a lot.

There are lots of way to eat/cook Kimchi.


If you are interested in, please join my class;)
Be healthy and beautiful!!!

We never give up!!! 


Will talk about this topic again:)


To be continued…! 

with love,