Annyeong haseyo~^^

Have you experienced a hangover? If yes, do you have any good cure for a hangover?


I have not found the best cure yet… BUT!

The beansprout soup eases a hangover. In Korea people eat this soup in a hangover morning.
One of popular hangover remedies.




Boil beansprout and add salt, garlic, leek and green chili. Very simple but very refreshing and eases your hangover.


This soup is very gentle to stomach and improves digestion and absorption.


My daughter loves this beansprout and I occasionally make a soup or namul.
Of course she is too young to have a hangover!





In Singapore I could not find this beansprout in local supermarkets… 

If you know the shop I can purchase, please let me know:) Thanks in advance!

Anyway, it’s Friday and a long weekend in Singapore. Please go easy on the drinking~


(But if you have it, why don’t you try this soup!)


Have a lovely weekend ahead!

with love,