Annyeong haseyo~^^
It’s a long weekend here in Singapore and tomorrow is still off!!! Hoooray!

BTW, we had a lovely guest last night and enjoyed BBQ together.
Very very sweet vegetables from Australia, patty, Jamon iberico, pickles, sausages, lamp chops, beef steaks, seafood kimchi gratin, etc.!!! 

Ate a lot!!!




Grilling sausages


Very sweet gevetables




This grain is actually with kimchi🙂 very delicious!!!


Gratin with my kimchi


We really ate well!!!

Our friends brought us a delicious red wine and homemade cream puff for desert!!!!
She is very good at making sweets and I actually requested this cream puff:))) 


She brought shells and fresh cream separately and finished with girls!!! Great performance!!!



 It was super yummy!!!
Even we felt very full after 500g of beef steaks for the main dish, we quickly ate this puff!!!


Thank you so much Yumi!!!

And thanks for a lovely wine too!!!



Let’s have meals soon again!!!




with Love,