Baechu-kimchi (Tongbaechu-kimchi) is the classic, traditional napa cabbage kimchi in Korean.
This kimchi is actually very popular for Koreans and when people say “Kimchi” usually mean this napa cabbage kimchi.


There are more than 100 kinds of kimchi and so many kinds of ways to make, depending on families and regions.


My kimchi is of course my mum’s taste. 
I always helped my Omma (means mummy in Korean) to make Kimchi by her. 
It was so much fun! I opened my mouth and she put one fresh bite of kimchi into my mouth!!!
Ommm! mouth-watering!!! 


Heryong's kimchi


That was long long time ago! 
And now my 5 year-old-daughter is doing exactly same thing!!!
She helps me to make Kimchi and opens her mouth!!! a chip off the old block!




Each family has own taste and we all love own Omma’s kimchi most!!!