Annyeong haseyo~!!!

I had a lovely cooking class today! We made Gimpap (Korean Sushi roll)!!!


Gimpap is a bit different from Japanese sushi roll.

Once you learn how to make it, it is very easy for you to make Gimpap any time!!! 


I think all attendees today have mastered to make it!





After hadns-on, we ate freshly made Gimpap with Heryong’s special side dish “Tteok-bokki”,

Hope everyone enjoyed today’s class!


For more class photos, please visit Facebook page of KOREANCOOKING.SG.











Unfortunately I had two sudden cancellations… Look forward to seeing you in another class!!!

Have a lovely weekend ahead?



~upcoming Heryong’s cooking classes~

*2nd of May – “family cooking class – Let’s make mini-gimpap” 

*12th of May – “Bibimpap, Spicy Tofu soup and spicy chicken wings” 


*19th of May – “Maguro(Tuna sashimi) kimchi rice bowl


*9th of June – “Cucumber kimchi class”