Annyeong haseyo~^^

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

I had a lovely cooking class last Saturday and spend a relaxing Sunday with my family:)
We made Dak-galbi and Korean pancakes:)
And enjoyed them with a delicious Makgeolli!



Thanks for coming to my Korean cooking class~!!!




My daughter Sophie gave me lovely posters! Very sweet!



Korean dishes go well with Korean drinks:)
We enjoyed dishes as well as Makgeolli from Geonbae (Sophie).
Sophie, Thanks for a lovely Makgeolli:)





 Surprisingly, they are all learning Korean and they actually speak in Korean well!!!

One of attendees, a lady is actually making lots of Korean dishes at home! Even Kimchi!!!

After the class, they made a WhatsApp group and invited me there:))) Lovely!!!

Hope to see you next year again!!!

??? ?? ??~^^

with love,