Hi everyone,

Hope you had a lovely weekend.
My weekend was packed and busy. But had a great time.

On Saturday I arranged BBQ party with friends’ families.

Well,,, actually one of friends organized really well… I just prepared some appetizers.




BBQ pit




Whole cabbage kimchi was made in advance and it was in a very good condition on that day:)
And other dishes such as pork, chicken drumsticks, veges and Japchae, etc.


Heryong's kimchi















































For the main dish “BEEF” was prepared by the meats specialist and super yummy Onigiri (Japanese rice balls) by rice specialist! 
And after dinner we enjoyed homemade pumpkin cakes by sweet specialist!

I am lucky to have such a wonderful talented friends:)))

Well, actually meats specialist, she is a sommelier and always brings lovely wines!

We talked over lots of delicious dishes and drinks. We forgot time flied.

Children all enjoyed their time too.

I feel so happy to have lovely friends to share stories and exchange advice, encourage each others, and lead each to the right way.

But you know what??We have a certain thing in common, “LOVE EATING”.
This common ground let us connected I think:)



And music!




Thanks for a lovely time!!!