Annyeong haseyo~^^

I will continue a story from the last one. 


Running and muscle training are my general exercise recently.
Yesterday unexpectedly I ran 10km… When I started running I felt so exhausted and aimed at least 3km. But somehow I got a runner’s high and lost myself.

One of the reasons that made me in runner’s high is a music.

I am a member of the Apple Music and always run with music. There are tons of good musics for workout. It motivates me to run and run!

I cannot run without music!!!

Another motivation is fashion.
I always imagine that if I can wear the clothes nicely, how happy I am.
To set up the image you want to get closer to is another motivation for me.

Also, I am a chef and cook a lot & eat a lot. If I do not exercise……
In addition, I am thinking of health issue and aging issue. 


Having said that, there are a few motivations and reasons I do exercise, however, the main reason is “I feel much better after running”. That’s it!


And you know what?
After good exercise, we can enjoy meals well! feel very delicious!!!


 Everyone, never give up! and enjoy workout;)

BTW, my Korean dishes are very healthy!!! 
If you are interested in, please contact me for a private group lesson:)

with love,