Annyeong haseyo~^^

Had a lovely weekend? 
I enjoyed cooking and playing with my daughter a lot:)

As I wrote about my diet way last night, I will continue a story today focusing on exercise.

Basically we won’t get fattier or gain weights when we consume more calories than what we eat.
It’s very simple but somehow it’s tough…!

After about age 30 (after giving a birth in my case), my metabolism slowed down and I started to gain weight. Or it is more difficult to lose weight than before.

I gained 11 kg during pregnancy and it took about two years to go back to previous weight. (well… it’s not the same though…) 
I could lost weight. But my body shape is very different than before!!!

Weight is one of indications. However, rather than weight, I would like to built beautiful & healthy body shape. 

How about you?

I have been members of the sport gyms since I was 15 years old and I really like excising.

Especially Zumba!!! Dancing is the best to refresh!

*If you know a very good Zumba instructor please let me know!!! 

But recently I just go down to the gym in my condominium and run, run and run!!!

Usually 3 km at once. Today was 5 km + bicycle for 10 min + sit-ups + stretching



I need to run at least once a week. Otherwise my body appears sad…!

Running seems good for belly shaping. 


When I do not have a time, I do stretching or sit-ups at home.

The important thing is that we exercise regularly! Do not stop! 


Well, it’s easy to say. right?

I will talk about how to keep motivation to do exercise next time;)


BTW, all information here is just for reference!

Anyway, Let’s keep fit! Never give up! 


with love,